Project: Melbourne Docklands

Client: Docklands Authority, later VicUrban
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Investment Value: Several billion Australian dollars total capital investment
Critical Issues: Guide stage master plan and urban design and as architectural and landscape development by a series of developer-architect teams.
Site Area: 2,000,000 m
GFA: 2,100,000 m

Project: Victoria Park

Client: Landcom, Australian state government development agency
Location: Sydney, Australia
Order of magnitude:Oone billion Australian dollars total capital investment
Critical Issues: Guide and structure master plan, landscape and leading-edge water sensitive planning, urban design and architectural development by a seriesof developer-architect teams, for Landcom to be able to discharge its responsibilities as master developer. Today, while the very last parcels are being developed, Victoria Park continues to be a practical and financially lucrative showcase for the most advanced of developer-led environmental innovations, in water, energy, materials and lifestyle.
Site Area: 270,000 m
GFA: 500,000 m

Project: New Cicheng

Client: Cicheng Ancient Town Development Company
Location: Ningbo, China
Investment Value: AUS$ 100 million first stage infrastructure and construction
Critical Issues: Facilitate a development capable of anchoring a major new urban expansion centre in a superior and water sensitive fashion, and in a way that enables early cash flows to fund substantial amenity improvement and heritage reconstruction projects in a historical town to the north of the development. In 2005 Epolis (Peter Droege) was commissioned to assemble and lead the team to plan for the regeneration of Old Cicheng, a historical city with a more than 1,000 year history. The new city development is one of the earliest and largest application of water sensitive urban design in China, and Peter Droege was able to use the project to apply the know-how gained on the 27ha Victoria Park projects – but here 20 times the area.
Site Area: 5,500,000 m
GFA: 10,000,000 m

Project: Cicheng Old City

Client: Cicheng Ancient Town Development Company
Location: Ningbo, China
Investment Value: Unspecified
Critical Issues: This is the second stage of a social, economic and environmental planning and public space design project focused on the 1200 year old city of Cicheng. The community consists of 27000 inhabitants and the aspiration is to engender broad and equitable urban regeneration without further displacement of the existing population. The main concepts are focused on historic preservation and reconstruction and sustainable water, energy and land management practices.
Site Area: 3,000,000 m
GFA: 3,600,000 m

Project: Fortune Plaza

Client: Hong Kong Investments, Beijing
Location: Chongqing, China
Investment Value: AUS$ 600 million first stage
Critical Issues: Devise a world-class entertainment, wellness and lifestyle themed retail complex and upmarket office environment anchoring a major regional residential centre in the new mixed use development district to the north of downtown Chongqing, currently the largest city in the world (33 million inhabitants). Water sensitive urban design and energy efficiency/cogeneration were a key part of the concept.
Site Area: 450,000 m
GFA: 1,350,000 m

Project: Beijing Olympic Site Design Competition

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